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We purchase land and vacant lots. Also we buy single family dwellings and multi-family dwellings.

  • Have You Ever Considered Selling Your house?
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  • Fast escrow closings with peace of mind.
  • Make no repairs. Pay No Realtor Commissions.
  • Foreclosures? Fast Closings
  • Inheritance? Real People
  • Relocation? Real Offers
  • Tax Delinquencies? Proven track Record
  • Flooded? Trusted Local Company
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Cash offers to property owners
We make cash offers within 24 hours and close escrow quickly. Cash in hand makes the most sense when time is of the essence. “Bird in hand is better than two in the bush,” as the old folks always say. Too many plans can’t wait for the perfect moment, so we move quickly.

Fast Closings with Peace of Mind
Our motto is we provide “fast real estate closings with peace of mind.” When a homeowner is going through a rough time, the last thing he or she needs is another headache of trying to close their real estate escrow. The rough time might be death, probate, divorce, downsize, or any financial or physical disaster. They need relief and time to rebuild themselves and often sometimes to restore their credit. We help struggling sellers to catch their breath and recover in an honourable way.

Discounted properties for other investors.
Also, we purchase deeply discounted properties that we pass on to other real estate investors. Some of these properties do not meet our specific perimeters, but they meet the perimeters of our associate investors. Investors wishing to be notified when we find great deals, provide the information below in the form.


Our 12th floor main office overlooks the beautiful city of Houston, Texas. A.D. Bootz Investments does its real estate investing in the Houston metropolitan area and nationwide.


We purchase land all over the United States of America. Whether you have acreage on the countryside or vacant lots in the city, give us a call. Maybe, you just rather have fluid cash. Are you tired of paying taxes on land that does not produce income? We are here to help.


We also purchase, repair, rent, and sell single-family houses and multi-family dwellings anywhere in the United States of America. We even purchase family dwelling properties with limited equity.